Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

2024-06-01 01:22

This document, prepared for informational purposes, informs about the privacy practices and rights of Byte Technology Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Byte Technology) and shall henceforth be referred to as the Privacy Policy. It contains basic information on how personal information of online users is collected, processed, and used. The provisions in this Privacy Policy are applicable to all websites and services owned by Byte Technology.

This Privacy Policy respects legal requirements regarding the storage and protection of data. However, when using websites and services owned by Byte Technology, you may access content belonging to third parties not owned by Byte Technology through external links, advertisements, or other means. Since these third parties may have their own privacy terms, practices, and procedures, you are responsible for the content and security of the information you provide to them. In such cases, Byte Technology cannot be held responsible.

What Information Do We Collect?

Information is generally collected/stored in the following scopes:

  1. During registration on websites or services,

  2. During the purchase of products or services from online shopping sites affiliated with Byte Technology,

  3. During entry and visit to websites and services,

  4. During competition, tournament, and/or event registrations,

  5. During player matchmaking services,

  6. During surveys,

  7. During participation in online games, events, tournaments, and applications.

The information requested from users during registration may include name, date of birth, email address, phone number, and/or personal information enabling physical or virtual interaction with the user. If you do not provide the necessary information, you may not be able to use or may have limited access to features and services available on the websites and services, or may not receive materials such as newsletters. Technical and usage information such as IP address, browser type, browser language and signature, referral and exit addresses, interactions with other players, service usage statistics, and device identification information may be collected by Byte Technology.

Sharing of Your Information

Byte Technology does not share your information with third parties except under the following condition(s):

  1. For smooth and secure provision of bulk email/SMS sending, payment channels, and similar services, Byte Technology may share your information with contracted institutions.

  2. For profiling user profiles and improving the quality of Byte Technology's websites, services, and marketing materials, your information may be shared anonymously.

  3. According to the terms of agreements between licensing and producing parties, during the provision or termination of a service, Byte Technology may share your information with the party/parties it has agreements with.

  4. Within the framework of legal processes, if requested information exists, Byte Technology is obliged to share it with relevant judicial authorities.

  5. For the purpose of protecting itself or the assets and rights it owns, Byte Technology may share your information with third parties.

  6. In the event of a company merger, transfer, or acquisition by another company, Byte Technology may share your information with the authorized company.

Game Managers (GMs) with defined necessary security permissions by Byte Technology may view information related to users, visitors, and members without restriction or limitation, but may not share it with third parties.

Security of Your Information

Byte Technology makes the highest physical, technical, and regulatory efforts for the security of your information. Despite Byte Technology's best efforts, no server, computer, communication network or system, and communication made over the internet can be considered 100% secure. Therefore, Byte Technology cannot insure, guarantee, or assure the security of information provided through its own websites and services, nor can it guarantee that your information will not be lost or used by third parties. By using Byte Technology's websites and/or services, you acknowledge that you are aware of these risks and accept that such information sharing and interactions are your own responsibility.

Approval of the Privacy Policy

By using websites and/or services owned by Byte Technology, you are deemed to have read, understood, and accepted the provisions and conditions contained in this Privacy Policy. Upon acceptance, even if contrary behaviors occur continuously or are demonstrated, you are deemed to have accepted the provisions stated in this Privacy Policy.

Byte Technology shall not be held responsible for unofficial advertisements and shares made using Byte Technology and the website/service names it owns, without a partnership or agreement with Byte Technology. Byte Technology reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy with prior notice. Any changes to the content of the Privacy Policy will be effective after the appropriate period stated in the announcement.

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